Management Team

Arif Qureshi

Self-driven and motivated entrepreneur with a proven track record of success and extraordinary achievement in building company with simple idea to multimillion dollar business. Experienced in all aspects of business development including finance, operations, technology, sales, estimation and marketing.

Started his career as a Jr. Detailer and grown to Executive vice president in his career, and now leading as Co-Founder/Partner in ESS and Pacific training Centre.

He is astute business operation head focused on supporting cross-functional team to increase customer satisfaction through process improvement. He is experienced professional with exceptional knowledge of developing strategic plan for service excellence. He has always been passionate about Steel Detailing industry, and has extensive experience in American Detailing industry.ESS has already seen remarkable growth under his leadership and are excited to continue growing along with PTC

Akbar Khan

With over two decades of expertise in the field of steel detailing and mastery of Tekla software, Akbar is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of steel detailing and expertise in Tekla software.

Akbar brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to our training programs. With his extensive industry experience, he has honed his skills in steel detailing, mastering the intricacies of Tekla software along the way. Akbar stands as a true industry leader.

Through our training programs, he imparts his in-depth knowledge, industry best practices, and practical tips to equip individuals with the skills needed to excel in this demanding field.

Aasim Hodekar

The Co-Founder of ESS Detailing Services LLP and Pacific Training Centre has more than 20 years of experience in the Steel Detailing Industry and a great knowledge of Tekla and AutoCAD Software.

Accomplished executive with domestic and international project experience. Excel in dynamic, demanding environment while remaining pragmatic and focused.

He is so affable and has impeccable manners it provides a healthy work environment, which in turn has great results. Detail oriented with keen technical eyes. Expanding Company’s reach through community initiatives, strong relationship and integrity.

Sameer Solkar

Teaching is passion and hobby of Sameer, He feels super lucky to have a job in education. He is understanding, patient, and aware of how to educate to beginner students.

He is fully qualified to teach Technical Courses, and his qualifications include specialization in teaching students online as well as teaching Offline. He is teaching Cad 2D & 3D, Revit, Civil/Arch/Mechanical Draughtsman. He has been working with people of different backgrounds, ages and cultural origins for over 15 years. He is really focused on building as much confidence with his students.

Dhanashree Ghatge

Dhanashree has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and having over 10 years of experience in steel detailing industry. Her expertise lies in using and exploring Tekla software .

Throughout her career, she had the privilege of working in renowned firms, contributing to diverse verticals and projects, including PEB structures. In addition to her modelling responsibilities, she has taken on the role of training newcomers and trainees. By assisting them in enhancing their technical and software skills, she aim to pave the way for their success in this industry.

To ensure continuous improvement, she conduct training needs analyses to identify areas where technical and software skills can be enhanced. Staying updated with the latest developments in Tekla software, she actively share this knowledge with the team.
By conducting thorough research, she gather valuable information and educate team on the unique demands of various clients. This knowledge enables professionals to deliver tailored solutions and provide exceptional service.
Komal Mulik

With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and an illustrious 8 years within the education sector, Komal brings forth a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as an Admission Counselor. Throughout her journey in the realm of education, her driving force has been a profound passion for guiding aspiring students toward realizing their academic and career aspirations. As an Admission Counselor, she is entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of facilitating prospective students through the admissions process with finesse, offering comprehensive guidance tailored to each individual’s needs. Her primary objective is to ensure that every student finds their best-fit educational pathway. she possesses a keen understanding of academic requirements, program offerings, and career prospects, which enables her to diligently assist students in making informed decisions aligned with their goals and aspirations. Moreover, her commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment underscores her dedication to students’ holistic success, both academically and professionally.

Saima Patel

Saima is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Leveraging her expertise, she has embarked on fulfilling journey as a Tekla trainer. With a passion for empowering individuals in the realm of structural Detailing, fabrication, and construction process. She thrives on imparting practical knowledge and honing skills in Tekla Structures software. As a Tekla trainer, she is committed to cultivating proficiency in modeling, detailing, and collaboration within the construction industry. Guiding aspiring engineers and professionals alike, she fosters a learning environment where innovation meets precision, shaping the future of structural engineering, one student at a time.

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