What you'll learn

Civil / Arch Draughtsman is course designed for a person who want to make their career in Civil / Architecture. We teach how to make Civil / Architecture Drawings, How to read those? Course also highlights Section, Isometric, foundation, Doors, windows, Masonary and many more Civil / Architecture aspects, know how

After completion of Civil Draughtsman Course student will be able to: Prepare drawings and topographical and relief maps used in civil engineering projects,

Course content

     Need of Engineering Drawing:
  • What is drawing, Use
  • Introduction to Engineering Drawing
  • Conversion of Units
  • Unit Systems
     Orthographic Projections:
  • Preparation of sketches
  • Line, Circle, arcs, Ellipse etc.
  • Types of Lines, line weights
  • Dimensions
  • Projection of Solids
  • First Angle method
  • Third Angle method
  • Standard views.
  • Assembly drawing
  • Templates, Std. formats
  • Dimensions as per IS standards
  • What is section
  • Section views
  • Convention in section views
  • Section of Solids
  • Isometric concept
  • Isometric Exercise
  • Dimensioning
     Civil Features
  • Building Drawings
  • Construction materials
  • RCC, Foundation, Masonary
  • Roof, Stairs, Walls, doors etc
  • Others
     Course Duration:

    3 Months course with practicals