After AutoCAD course student will be able to Create:
  • Professional drawings using AutoCAD.
  • 2D drawings with using blocks, layers.
  • Professional templates with attributes.
  • Isometric views of any object.
  • Any Industrial drawing with professional quality.
  • 3D solid models of any object.
  • Basic animation using camera.

Course content

     AutoCAD 2D
  • Introduction to CAD
  • 2D Fundamentals
  • Preparation of sketches: Lines, Circles, Rectangular etc
  • Dimension Style
  • Layer Overview, modifying layer attributes
  • Editing & modification of sketches
  • Scaling objects, views
  • Duplication using mirror, copy, pattern etc.
  • Dimensioning techniques
  • Creating & editing blocks
  • Hatch, trim, extend, tables etc
  • Use of Xref.
     AutoCAD 3D
  • Introduction to 3D
  • Extruding and revolving objects
  • UCS concept and it’s use
  • Boolean using union, subtract and intersect
  • Standard views
  • Drawing Isometric objects
  • Dimensioning
  • Photo rendering
  • Printing Documents
  • Motion path Animation
     Course Duration:

    1 Months course with practicals