Pacific Training Centre

ESS's training academy, Pacific Training Centre, has been created with the vision of equipping engineers with the specialized skills required to build highly successful careers in the rapidly growing steel detailing industry.

Our in-house academy equips engineers with specialized skills for the growing steel detailing industry. With comprehensive training programs led by experienced instructors, we bridge theory and practice. From mastering software to understanding structural design intricacies, our hands-on approach prepares engineers for complex projects. Stay ahead with cutting-edge curriculum and industry practices. Join us for a transformative career in steel detailing. Unlock your potential and make an impact.

# vision & Mission
Our Philosophy


Our Vision

  • To be the premier training center in Engineering and drafting, empowering individuals with industry-relevant skills for success in engineering, architecture, and construction.


Our Mission

  • Deliver comprehensive and practical training programs, equipping students with the expertise and confidence to excel in their careers and contribute to the growth of industries reliant on Engineering and drafting.



  • To create a supportive and interactive learning environment, providing the resources and guidance necessary for students to develop a strong foundation and stay at the forefront of advancements in Engineering and drafting.
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